• Five Myths about Glass Splashbacks and the Truth Behind Them

    You're thinking about installing a glass splashback, but you're feeling a bit reluctant because you may have some concerns or may have heard a few negative things about this type of splashback. It's important not to believe the myths – here is a look at five myths and the truth behind them: 1. Myth: Glass splashbacks are always clear Glass for windows is typically clear, but it certainly doesn't have to be.
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  • How To Get Filthy Shower Screens Clean

    Glass shower screens give your bathroom an open, modern appearance and make morning showers brighter. They're also safer than curtains and keep floors drier. Unfortunately, they can be a nuisance to keep looking pristine, especially if you're dealing with a screen that hasn't been cleaned in some time. Keeping your shower screen clean involves regular care—and if you're cleaning a shower screen with extensive buildup, it may be time to bring out the big guns.
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  • The Subtle C's: Signs You Might Need Window Repair

    Many people would agree that spotting a broken window is simple enough. When glass cracks even slightly, it can be recognised from a long way off, and when this happens, it always makes sense to call in a professional for glass repairs. However, there is a lot more to identifying broken glass than you may think, and from time to time, damaged windows can adopt much more surreptitious forms. Listed here are 4 symptoms of a broken window you probably haven't spotted yet.
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