Five Essential Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing Glass Shower Doors for Your Hotel

Posted on: 8 September 2015

If you are hiring a commercial glazier to install new glass shower doors throughout your hotel bathrooms, you should work with your glazier to choose your doors carefully. Glass shower doors add an air of elegance to your hotel bathroom, but you need to keep several things in mind as you choose your doors:

1. Add a surface protector

Cleanliness is critical, especially in a hotel bathroom, when you are trying to create a positive impression of your business. To make cleaning your glass shower doors easier for your staff, add a surface protector.

This thin protective film fills the pores of the glass and stops soap residue from building up, making it easier for your staff to clean the frameless shower doors effectively.

2. Opt for shatter-resistant glass

In case a hotel guest bumps into your shower doors, you need to make sure you invest in shatter-proof glass. With all glass doors, you need to ensure they are as safe as possible to protect your image and your liability.

Also, make sure you have the glass doors installed by a professional commercial glazing expert.  Unfortunately, there are cases with glass shower doors where inexpert installation results in shattered doors -- be sure your glazier is experienced and knows how to properly install glass doors.

3. Choose tempered and tested glass

If possible, talk with your commercial glazer about how the glass was made. Ideally, if you want it to be as strong as possible, you want it exposed to scratch and chemical-resistance tests. You also want to ensure it has withstood heat and humidity stress tests as well, and you want the glass to be tempered so it can stand the test of time in your hotel.

4. Add strong magnetic latches

In most cases, glass shower doors are more effective at keeping water off the bathroom floor than shower curtains, but in order to do this task, they need to have a strong latch.

Invest in a sturdy magnetic latch that will hold the door securely closed, and make sure it is replaceable. That way, if the latch wears out before the glass doors do, you can easily replace just that element.

5. Look for left and right hinge options

When you install shower doors throughout your hotel bathrooms, they may need to be hinged on different sides, depending on which bathroom they are in and its layout. For that reason, when you are ordering a large quantity of shower doors, make sure that they can be installed with the hinges on either the left or right side, depending on your needs.

Most glass shower doors come with this option, but not all of them. Don't assume your doors do. Check with a commercial glazier like South Melbourne Glass before you order them.


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