• Reasons to Install a Custom Frameless Glass Shower

    If you're looking for a bathroom upgrade to transform the space, you could consider a custom frameless glass shower. Whether you're remodelling the entire room or just the shower, this can have a massive impact.  Create an Enclosure to Fit Your Bathroom The walls of the bathroom may be set in concrete (or another hard substance), but the walls of your glass shower are more malleable. You can create virtually any shape and size enclosure you desire to adapt it to your bathroom perfectly.
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  • Reasons To Upgrade To A Frameless Glass Shower

    If you browse bathroom-renovation pictures online, you can't help but come across plenty of frameless shower examples. If your existing bathroom shower has a lot of framing or curtains are blocking the way, you'll have plenty of reasons to upgrade to a frameless shower screen design. Consider these reasonings below.  Create The Illusion Of Spaciousness While a fully framed shower lets light stream through the glass panels, the metal edging sharply delineates the shower area and partitions it from the rest of the room.
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