Reasons to Install a Custom Frameless Glass Shower

Posted on: 21 October 2020

If you're looking for a bathroom upgrade to transform the space, you could consider a custom frameless glass shower. Whether you're remodelling the entire room or just the shower, this can have a massive impact. 

Create an Enclosure to Fit Your Bathroom

The walls of the bathroom may be set in concrete (or another hard substance), but the walls of your glass shower are more malleable. You can create virtually any shape and size enclosure you desire to adapt it to your bathroom perfectly. For example, you could fit a square cubicle against two tiled corner walls. To add visual interest, set the shower screens to form a lovely hexagonal shape or go with curved glass.

If you like, you could form the shower against a long wall and put up three glass walls to devise an open feeling within the shower. For a sleek minimal look, you could place a fixed glass partition at one end of the bathroom, with no door. Depending on your area, you'll have virtually endless options to structure the shape, size and position of a custom glass shower.

Open up the Room

A shower curtain or heavily framed glass enclosures cut off the enclosure from the main floor area. This has the effect of visually shrinking the bathroom. The benefit of a glass shower is that it retains the sense of one integrated place. The screens form a physical barrier to enclose splashing water, but being transparent, they don't create an opaque wall. As you can see inside the shower, the entire bathroom feels more integrated and larger overall. If you're concerned about your bathroom feeling cramped, then a transparent glass shower may be perfect for you.

Set Your Privacy Levels

While a glass shower can open up your bathroom and give a roomy feel, it does come at the expense of privacy. But you have control over this with different kinds of glass. You can install frosted glass that blocks the view, with a uniform smoky sheen. Alternatively, choose from a range of stencilled decorative designs to spread across the screens. 

While smoky glass lessens the open feel, it doesn't take it away entirely, as the glass transmits soft diffused lighting. Plus, screens with little metal framing give an uncluttered minimal effect that helps to make the bathroom feel larger. Install even frosted glass rather than a pattern if you want to reduce the visual clutter in the room.

Learn more about your options by contacting shower screen contractors. 


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