• Take Advantage of Emergency Repair By Upgrading Your Storefront's Glass

    If your storefront or office space needs emergency glass repair, why not take advantage of that opportunity to upgrade the glass you choose for replacement? Since you'll be getting new glass anyway, you can opt for something that works better for your space and which may even be safer. Note a few considerations to discuss with your emergency glass repair company so you know what to choose for your business.
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  • How to examine and replace the glazing on a window

    Your windows are the weakest spots on your house. It's the places where the layer between the hot or cold of the outside is the thinnest, and therefore the places that need the most protection to be able to function correctly. Leaking windows can, except for making the inside temperature of your house uncomfortable, cost you a considerable amount of money. Even if your windows are intact, the glazing on your window can be old and cracked and cause your windows to leak.
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