Reasons To Upgrade To A Frameless Glass Shower

Posted on: 10 August 2020

If you browse bathroom-renovation pictures online, you can't help but come across plenty of frameless shower examples. If your existing bathroom shower has a lot of framing or curtains are blocking the way, you'll have plenty of reasons to upgrade to a frameless shower screen design. Consider these reasonings below. 

Create The Illusion Of Spaciousness

While a fully framed shower lets light stream through the glass panels, the metal edging sharply delineates the shower area and partitions it from the rest of the room. The effect of this is that the overall dimensions feel smaller. If you want your bathroom to seem bigger, get rid of the metal trims and install frameless screens with discreet hinges and brackets instead. You'll then end up with one integrated bathroom space rather than two smaller areas.  

Cater To Bathroom Size 

Upgrading to a frameless model poses the perfect opportunity to alter its shape and size. In a large room, you could widen the enclosure to create a sense of luxury and plenty. To boost the effect, spread lush travertine tiles across the wall and floor, plus add a built-in stone bench-seat for holding cosmetics and relaxing. In a small bathroom, you might want to save space with a particular shape. A hexagonal or round enclosure chops off a corner, increasing the general open floor area. 

Maximise Natural Light  

For a pleasant ambience, you need inviting daylight to flow into a room. If your bathroom has a small window, you might fleetingly consider knocking out parts of the wall to make it bigger. However, rather than go down that path, why not maximise what natural light you have? Smooth, glossy glass will reverberate light around the room more than a shower curtain. Pale tiles and other lustrous surfaces will help to reflect rather than absorb incoming daylight. 

Add Beautiful Decoration 

Installing a frameless model is a perfect time to incorporate stunning decorative glass into the decor without the magic being spoiled by bits of metal edging. The shower screens can showcase the dazzling after-effects of numerous techniques. For example, acid-etching and sandblasting processes create frosted glass. The frosting can exhibit a smooth, smoky sheen, reminiscent of an iceberg. Instead of a uniform surface, you could cover the panels in ornate motifs, botanical plants, or geometric arrays.  

Other decorative glass includes patterned screens. This glass is moulded and imprinted with designs while in its molten state. Again, the arrangements are virtually limitless, covering organic themes of trickling rainwater plus abstract textures. 


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