Temporary Fixes For Cracked Window Glazing

Posted on: 11 May 2015

Broken and cracked window panes are inconvenient; they will expose you to harsh weather, cold drafts and even irritating bugs. It is important to engage an emergency glazier for repairs when the damage occurs to mitigate these negative consequences. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that can limit your ability to access repair services. These include factors such as limited financial resources, late night accidents and remote property location. With a few common household materials, you can fix the problem before engaging the professional for permanent glass repair. Here are some tips to help you temporarily seal cracked window panes.

Packing Tape

Cracked window panes are easy to seal when shards of glasses are not missing. You should put on a pair of gloves before examining the damage to limit the risk of injury. Inspect the crack with your hands and press the area slightly to ensure that the glass is not loose. If the window pane is still relatively sturdy, you can fix it with packing tape.

Carefully apply the material over the cracked area and ensure that there are no air bubbles between the tape and glass. You should also carry out the same treatment on the other side of the window unless it is completely inaccessible.

Liquid Epoxy Glue

Liquid epoxy is a good alternative to packing tape when the glass is cracked. This treatment lasts longer because the glue is designed to create a plastic-like seal when it dries. It is also virtually invisible, so the repaired area will not be very apparent to people. Still, this is a temporary fix because wind and moisture will wear down the seal.

Clean the cracked area in the glass with a brush and then fill the crack with the glue. You should extend the application beyond the cracked line to prevent the spread of the damage. In addition, apply another layer after the first dries for better and longer lasting results.

Nail Polish

You should examine the window pane for small holes, especially along the intersection of the main cracks. These are formed when there are tiny pieces of glass missing from the window. These small holes can facilitate the spread of the localized damage or accelerate the loosening of the glass. You should patch these up with regular clear nail polish. Apply the liquid in small amounts and use several layers to ensure that the seal is impenetrable. Also, remember to allow the polish to dry before applying a new layer so that the treatment will be firm.

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