How to examine and replace the glazing on a window

Posted on: 1 February 2016

Your windows are the weakest spots on your house. It's the places where the layer between the hot or cold of the outside is the thinnest, and therefore the places that need the most protection to be able to function correctly. Leaking windows can, except for making the inside temperature of your house uncomfortable, cost you a considerable amount of money. Even if your windows are intact, the glazing on your window can be old and cracked and cause your windows to leak. To prevent this, you should be aware of how to spot bad glazing, as well as know how to fix it.

Failure because of broken window

The most common reason to why you have to repair your glazing is because it has become damaged because of age. However, the glazing can also become damaged if the glass in your window is damaged. If you have hired a glazier to repair your windows, they will also take care of the damaged glazing. However, if you've done your own window repair, it's more likely that the glazing is left damaged. If you discover a large crack in your glazing at the same as you're repairing the crack or hole in your window, make sure to purchase a glazing kit to repair also this.


You should examine the windows on the inside and outside of your house to check for faulty glazing. This is especially important if your windows are starting to get old. A few hairline cracks in the glazing do not have to mean that it has to be replaced.  However, if it has started to wither, or has pieces falling off of it, you need to replace it, or have a professional glazier do it.

How to replace the glaze

Start by removing the old glazing. If it's withered, then there should be parts you can easily chip off with a knife or a razorblade. The parts of the glazing that are still good can be more difficult to remove, so be careful when getting it out so that you don't damage the glass or the window frame. Inspect the wooden frame of the window once all glazing is gone. If the wood is also withered or rotten, you need replace the entire frame. When putting new glazing putty on, make sure to press it down at least twice to make sure the putty is compact. Appropriate application will decrease the risk of the glaze starting to fail prematurely. Make sure to repaint the window frame and the glazing when you're done to add an extra layer of protection to the putty.

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