Five Myths about Glass Splashbacks and the Truth Behind Them

Posted on: 23 April 2015

You're thinking about installing a glass splashback, but you're feeling a bit reluctant because you may have some concerns or may have heard a few negative things about this type of splashback. It's important not to believe the myths – here is a look at five myths and the truth behind them:

1. Myth: Glass splashbacks are always clear

Glass for windows is typically clear, but it certainly doesn't have to be. Your glass splashback can be clear to show off paint beneath it. If the area you are installing your splashback is on an exterior wall, you can even put clear glass blocks there so the light shines in.

In this case, you wouldn't attach the blocks to the wall like a traditional splashback. Instead, you would have a hole in the wall, and you would add these blocks as if they were pieces of a window.

However, if you don't want a clear splashback, you can get one in almost any colour or design.

2. Myth: Glass splashbacks are always one piece

One of the most appealing parts of a glass splash back is that it is typically a contiguous piece of glass, but you don't have to just have a single piece splashback. Instead, you can have glass splashbacks designed to look like tile, or you can even get artistic mosaic splashbacks.

3. Myth: Glass splashbacks are always smooth to the touch

Although a large piece of smooth glass is preferred by many people, others prefer a piece of glass with ridges or texture, and that is totally possible – you can even have words or raised designs etched into your glass.

4. Myth: Glass splashbacks are breakable

Glass, due to its nature, has a reputation for being breakable. However, when used in building or industrial applications, glass can be very strong.

The glass on the splashback may break if you throw a cast iron skillet directly at it. However, a tile or ceramic splashback would break in the same scenario. In regular every day use, your glass splashback is not likely to break and may be hardier than you think.  

5. Myth: Glass splashbacks are hard to clean

Cleaning your glass splashback is relatively easy. If greasy splatters get on it, you should clean those with dish soap diluted in water or a degreasing kitchen countertop cleaner. Once that cleaner and the grease is gone, follow up with a glass cleaner.

The good news is because your glass is not visible from both sides, it doesn't catch light in the same way as a window, and as a result, streaks are less likely to show.

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