Spotless Kitchens| 3 Cleaning Tips To Maintain Stain-Free Kitchen Mirror Splashbacks

Posted on: 1 September 2015

Mirror splashbacks are reflective surfaces that resemble normal mirrors. Made from toughened safety glass that is moisture and water resistant, these mirror splashbacks are perfect for use in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Mirror splashbacks have soared in popularity, because their reflective surfaces make the existing space seem larger. Regular maintenance is integral to retaining spotless mirror splashbacks –– especially when they are subject to spilling food, excess moisture and extreme heat. Here are some tips to help you maintain stain-free kitchen mirror splashbacks.

Stay Away from Ink Newspapers and Paper Towels

Stains are frustrating and unsightly, so you'll want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. As handy as it is, avoid using newspapers for cleaning your glass mirror splashbacks. Inks aren't what they used to be, so the ink used in newspapers today is likely to leave residual marks, making your mirror appear streaked and murky. Paper towels tend to leave specks of lint on the glass, which are difficult to remove. When you need to clean mirror splashbacks, you should ideally stay away from paper towels and inked newspaper for rubbing the surface.

Use a Clean Flat-Weave Micro-Fibre Cloth with Isopropyl Alcohol

You'll want to use a micro-fibre lint-free cloth to help in effectively removing food and greasy stains from glass mirror splashbacks. A lint-free cloth ensures that no residual lint remains on the surface after cleaning. A microfibre lint-free cloth can be dipped in isopropyl alcohol and gently scrubbed on the glass surface to carefully remove stains. Isopropyl alcohol acts as a strong disinfectant and cleaning agent on glass surfaces with a high evaporation rate for quick drying. This product can be purchased from a home improvement store or online. A flat-weave cloth is ideal, since no debris can stick to the cloth while cleaning. This cloth is also ideal for faster drying. 

Use a Mixture of Vinegar and Water for a Spotless Finish

Apart from cleaning your mirror splashbacks with isopropyl alcohol, you can even use a mixture of vinegar and water as an effective cleaning agent. The acidic properties of vinegar make it a strong cleaning agent. You'll simply need to mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray this solution on the glass mirror surface and rub down with a lint-free cloth for a stain-free glass finish.

These smart tips will give you spotless and stain-free mirror splashbacks instantly.


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