Surprising Reasons You Should Get Your Windscreen Repaired at the First Sign of Damage

Posted on: 1 July 2015

Unfortunately, many drivers put off windscreen repair if they think a chip or crack in the screen is very small. They may reason that a small crack is not a danger to their safety or that it doesn't interfere with their operation of the vehicle, so it's not very important to their daily commute.

It's never a good idea to avoid repairing your windscreen or getting it replaced as needed. Note a few surprising reasons why you should get your windscreen repaired at the first sign of damage, even if that damage seems very minor. This is for your safety and the safety of your passengers. Consider the following. 

1. Passenger side airbags

When a passenger side airbag deploys, it often hits the windscreen as it inflates. If there is a chip or crack in the windscreen that compromises its overall integrity and strength, the airbag smacking it can cause it to shatter completely. This in turn can mean the risk of cuts and gashes to both driver and passenger, during what might otherwise be a relatively minor accident.

2. Extreme weather 

Extreme temperatures can weaken the glass of your windscreen, which is why it's good to repair a windscreen crack during summer or winter. If your windscreen already has a crack or chip, then this area can become weaker very easily when exposed to extreme temperatures. In turn, the windscreen might shatter completely. 

You may not realize that parking your car in the sun all day or having it outside during a cold winter's night can further compromise your windscreen, but avoiding its repair can mean an unexpected break in the screen when on the road. If you notice a crack or chip during extreme weather conditions, it's even more important that you get it fixed as soon as possible because these can grow and further hurt the integrity of the windscreen.

3. Roof support

Your car's windscreen supports the weight of the roof and helps to keep it from collapsing during a rollover accident. You may not think that a simple crack or chip in the windscreen can result in the cab of the car being crushed during an accident, but this small blemish can make the entire windscreen weaker than it should be. In turn, you are at greater risk for injury during such an accident. To keep yourself safe in this worst case scenario, have your windscreen repaired at the first sign of damage, even if it's seemingly minor.

If you have specific questions about the integrity of your windscreen, contact a business like Australian Specialised Machinery Glass to have it examined and repaired or replaced if needed.


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