Why You Should Never Leave Glass Replacement or Repair to the Last Minute

Posted on: 31 January 2022

Whether it's due to bad weather or a kid throwing a ball in the wrong direction, glass cracks happen. If the crack is small, you may feel tempted to avoid an emergency glass replacement and wait a while to repair it. However, taking that approach comes with its problems. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't leave glass replacement until the last minute.

Cracks Can Soon Grow

Several environmental factors inside and outside your home can cause glass cracks to grow. If they're exposed to extremes of temperature, they may grow rapidly and necessitate and full replacement rather than just a repair. If you're living in a humid area, fluctuations in temperatures can increase the risk of cracks growing. By focusing on a quick repair, you may avoid further more expensive damage.

Reducing Humidity Inside

Glass does much more than act as a way for you to see the outside world. It also shields your property against dampness, and when it's no longer able to do that you may find yourself facing a range of problems. Cracked glass can result in an increase in condensation. Over time, this increases your risk of mould, which can become especially problematic if someone in your household suffers from asthma. When you repair and replace glass quickly, you're helping your windows keep your home mould-free.

You May Invalidate Insurance

Whether you own or rent your property, you probably have insurance that covers the contents. As a homeowner, your insurance should also cover your property's structure. Cracked glass is weak, which makes it easier for bad weather and thieves to destroy. If the worst happens and someone does access your home and steal from it, you may invalidate your insurance by not repairing glass quickly. If an insurer can find evidence of the glass already being weakened, they could refuse to pay for the goods that you need to replace.

You're Sending the Wrong Signals

When you allow glass windows and doors to remain cracked, you're sending the wrong signals to thieves. You're indicating that you don't really care about your property's safety. If they're aware that you have valuable goods inside, they may use the cracked glass as an opportunity to break in easily. In contrast, replacing it signals to thieves that you're willing to do what it takes to keep your property safe.

If you're facing a cracked window, look into using an emergency glass replacement service as soon as you can.

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