Benefits of a Faux Tile Printed Glass Splashback

Posted on: 22 September 2021

You're probably familiar with glass splashbacks that can be back painted in a uniform colour. These panels can also be printed with any high-quality digital image. Thus, if you love the look of classic tiles but want something more hygienic, you could install a glass splashback with a printed image of traditional tiling on the back. Here are several benefits of this approach.

Design Options

You'll have a wide range of tile images to select from for the splashback. For example, choose a picture of black subway tiles with white grouting or aqua tiles with white joins. Other options include silver rectangular tiles set in a herringbone pattern or white honeycomb-shaped tiles with gold grout. You might prefer to opt for a classic subway kitchen look with white tiles and black grout. Your choices are only limited by the images you can find.

Easy to Clean

The problem with actual tiling is that the grout soon becomes grubby, and the splashback looks old. Actual tiled walls feature indents and grooves that collect grime and develop mould. However, you won't have these problems with a glass splashback that has a tiled picture printed on the back. A glass splashback consists of several large panels that connect seamlessly. Glass presents a non-porous, hygienic, smooth surface without crevices. Thus, beautiful white grout will look pristine indefinitely.

Disguises Imperfect Walls

If you lay tiles on a slightly uneven wall, the imperfections can become evident, as the wavering in the grout lines emphasises the problems. The benefit of a glass splashback is that it covers the wall with large flat panels that hide flaws.

Tough and Durable

Glass splashbacks use toughened glass that has undergone a unique tempering process of rapid heating and cooling. This technique creates glass that is about four times stronger than the standard window panes in a window. Toughened glass is also heat resistant, so you can place it around a hot stovetop without issues.

Thus, printed glass splashbacks provide numerous benefits. You'll have a wide array of choices in tile sizes, shapes, and patterns when sourcing online tile images. A glass splashback is more hygienic and easier to clean than actual tiles, which accumulate grime. Because the panels are relatively large, they help to hide unevenness. Plus, they're tough and heat resistant, so they will last for many years, and these faux tiles will look much fresher than actual tiles, which quickly appear grimy.


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