Window Glass Replacement Trends That Homeowners Should Try

Posted on: 28 January 2021

A window allows natural light into a home, enhances fresh airflow and improves kerb appeal. Glass windows are particularly an elegant choice, which might explain why most homeowners prefer them to other types. However, glass windows get damaged or wear over time and require replacement. Although you may be tempted to replace your glass window with a similar make or design, you should avoid the temptation. Here are a few glass window replacement trends that will refresh your home.


If you have had glass windows for years and are bored with their look, it is the right time to replace them. You can opt for blind-between-the-glass windows as a replacement. The trend is quite popular due to its elegance. As the name suggests, the window design comprises two glass panes with blinds in-between. When you buy them as a replacement, blind-between-the-glass windows come as add-on features to the existing frame. The best part about the replacement window is that you can control the blind remotely from your phone, eliminating the need to use cords to raise and lower the glass panes.

Oversized Glass Panes

Indeed, any glass window will allow adequate amounts of natural light into a house. However, if you want more natural light, you should replace the current glass windows with oversized panes. Apart from allowing in copious amounts of light, oversized glass panes create visual interest since they can blend well with indoor living spaces. In fact, if your budget allows it, you can knock off your standard windows and replace them with floor-to-ceiling panes, mostly if you prefer more glass and less frame. It creates the illusion that you are living in an expansive space due to the increased viewing area. Moreover, you can easily decorate part of an oversized glass window without compromising its functionality.

Bay Window Glass

Do you love spending time next to your window reading a book or just relaxing marvelling at your outdoor landscape? Bay window glass allows you to transform your current window into the perfect relaxation spot. Replacing the standard uni-glass with a panoramic one gives you an unrivalled view from different directions. You can enhance your bay window's versatility by adding a daybed next to it. Bay window glass works perfectly for living rooms, patios, and master bedroom spaces.

For more information, contact a company that provides window glass replacement services. They can help you decide which type of window to choose from.


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