Take Advantage of Emergency Repair By Upgrading Your Storefront's Glass

Posted on: 13 April 2016

If your storefront or office space needs emergency glass repair, why not take advantage of that opportunity to upgrade the glass you choose for replacement? Since you'll be getting new glass anyway, you can opt for something that works better for your space and which may even be safer. Note a few considerations to discuss with your emergency glass repair company so you know what to choose for your business.

1. Note the U-factor

The term "U-factor" refers to how much heat is transmitted through the glass. In warmer climates, it's good to get glass with a low U-factor so less heat goes through the glass during summer months. This can mean using less energy for your air conditioning system, and you may notice that the inside of your space feels less "stuffy" and uncomfortable when you choose glass with a low U-factor.

2. Color

Do you notice your customers or your office staff always squinting against the glare of sunlight on their computer screens or just from sun getting into their eyes? You might then choose a tinted glass that helps to block sunlight and glare. Keep in mind that the color of glass itself doesn't always affect heat transference, so you'll still want to look for the right U-factor as mentioned above even if you choose glass with a particular tint. Some darker glass only blocks the light from the sun, not the actual heat, so don't confuse colored glass with glass that will keep out heat.

3. Glazing

Glazing or added panes of glass is important to consider, as double-glazed windows add to the insulating factor of your space. To keep in your heating or air conditioning, make sure windows are at least double-glazed. If noise is a concern, either inside or outside the building, choose triple-glazed windows. This added layer will keep out noise from street traffic, outside vendors, and the like, and keep in any noise your business may produce so you're less likely to bother your neighbors.

4. Film

Getting a film over the front of the windows can protect them from vandalism; if someone were to mark up the windows, you could easily remove the film and have it replaced without replacing the window itself. Certain film may also be easier to clean as it's less likely to leave streaks and marks behind. Ask your replacement glass company if they provide window film and consider stocking up on some replacement rolls for when you need to remove and add a new layer to your windows.


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