3 Ways Your Home Will Tell You When it is Time to Replace Your Window Glass

Posted on: 3 October 2022

Everyone looks through the windows of the buildings they occupy countless times during the day. However, few people see the windows and the damages they might have. Sometimes, the damage can be so overt that the windows seem to scream for attention. The damage might be so subtle that you only experience it through other internal process dysfunctions.

Here are four ways your home will alert you when it is time for window glass replacement.

The Power Company Sends Higher Numbers

The power bill is usually one of the subtle indicators that your home might be experiencing insulation problems. Windows are a significant opening between the home's interior and the outdoors. With time and weather damage, parts like the seals might break down and reduce the windows' capability to keep the heat inside the building. Once heated air from the HVAC starts escaping, the unit has to work harder to keep the home at the recommended temperature. Consequently, the power company starts sending larger bills. You can resolve this problem by replacing the old and cracked windows with newer and better-insulated models.

When You Can Feel the Breeze Inside the House

You should not feel the breeze when you close your windows, even on windy days. If you notice a constant draft when it is windy outside with the windows closed, the chances are that you have damaged windows. You can detect an air leak by lighting incense and placing it near the window. If it bends in any direction, there is a high possibility that your windows have a leak and need a professional assessment. If the professionals feel the damage is too much for repairs, they might recommend replacing the unit. 

Double Panes Feel Cold to the Touch

Double-paned windows typically have better insulation from the outdoor weather conditions than the rest. You might have window problems if when you touch the inner part of the double-paned window, and it feels cold. Often, this happens because the insulation mechanism has broken down, and the window is not as effective as it used to be. You might also notice fog between the panes if they have a problem. Replacing the old windows with newer ones will offer better insulation. 

Consult a professional window contractor about the tell-tale signs that your windows might need replacement. They can assess your current windows and tell you whether they can repair the damage or if you need to replace them altogether.  


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